Welcome to a new way of viewing life. No, scratch that. Welcome to a more conscious, intentional way of viewing life.

If you’re anything like me, life gets busy. I’m not talking about big trips and eventful weekends. I’m talking about the day to day, busy. The grocery lists and laundry busy. The off to school and off to work busy. The soccer practices and dance classes, mealtimes and clean ups, runny noses and diapers, everyday, seemingly mundane, kind of busy.

But even in those moments, when we haven’t showered in two days and the kids have destroyed the house, there’s a beauty we often overlook. The blessings are raining down around us and we’re too busy complaining about our wet shoes.

Join me as we uncover the hidden blessings in our busy days (and nights). As we discipline ourselves to stop, take a breath, and find joy in a moment, before that moment is gone forever.

Lord, bless this busyness ~ Jenn