‘Tis the Season

Health and Wellness / Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Ah, the sweet smell of pine in the air…the (sometimes) cooler weather calling for boots and pants…the anticipation of Jesus’ birth and Santa’s visit…and of course…


It’s like clockwork, right? Two years ago, for my oldest daughter’s first Christmas, she had her first real bad cold with HIGH fever. It was scary! And the worst part is we missed out on so many Christmas traditions I had been so excited to start with her. Today, my littlest daughter is battling a cold, mild fever, and I can’t help but have flash backs! It’s so hard to enjoy this magical season when you and/or your kiddos are miserable…

BUT I am so incredibly thankful that whenever one of my daughters gets sick, it only lasts a few days and is an extremely mild case of whatever is going around. I’m even more thankful that I hardly EVER get sick these days! I mean, let’s be real, ain’t no time for a momma to get sick! Now, I don’t believe in luck. So I know that our general good health is not just a coincidence. I KNOW it’s because of the preventative measures I take, and the way I choose to treat myself and my family.


  • I take a probiotic and multivitamin EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. You can’t just start taking something when you’re already feeling sick. You have to let it build up in your system so your body can fight off those sick germs before they turn into something serious. Check out the facts on How Good Gut Health Can Boost Your Immune System and focus on your overall health, so as not to catch every illness that comes your way.
  • I give my toddler a probiotic and multivitamin EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. For the same exact reason above, I make sure my daughter is set up for success when it comes to gut health. If she’s healthy and it’s just a matter of maintenance, she takes a kids multivitamin that actually has a probiotic in it! Two in one? Yes please! But if she starts sneezing (it always starts with a sneeze in my home) then I mix MY probiotic and multivitamin in her yogurt (as seen here). Why the change up? Because my probiotic has anti-fungals in it to better attack any bad bacteria build up and get that immune system up and firing faster. And my multivitamin has aloe in it to help the body absorb nutrients (up to 300x more!) So by switching her from maintenance mode to sickness fighting mode, we can usually stop whatever illness she has before it gets beyond a runny nose and cough.
  • I give my baby a probiotic and multivitamin EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Through my breast milk! Whatever I consume, so does she. However, just as with her older sister, I consider this the maintenance phase. But, if she starts sneezing, then I also mix a small amount of my probiotic and multivitamin in her yogurt or puree.


  • Whenever I do start to feel that tickle in the back of my throat, I immediately increase my probiotic and turn to my essential oils. In lieu of an oily debate, I’ve heard great things about Young Living, but I prefer DoTerra. So any oils I name in this post will be in DoTerra “language.” Feel free to find the equivalent in YL if that’s what you prefer. However, I BEG you to spend the extra money on top quality oils. Whenever you buy the cheap stuff, you can’t guarantee how much of the oil you are getting (in ratio to water or a carrier oil) and if it will actually work. Believe me, I like finding great deals and bargains too, but oils are something I will NEVER skimp on.
  • OnGuard is my go-to immune boosting oil blend for me (and my family) to kick our sicknesses to the curb. I rub it on our feet throughout the day and will even use the OnGuard throat drops like cough drops.
  • Breathe is another favorite to rub on my chest and the bottoms of my feet when I feel super congested. This is amazing to use with the littles at night to help them sleep. I also love combining Breathe with Lavender in a diffuser to help soothe and open airways.
  • The last oil I will use is Peppermint. When feeling nauseous, I have simply cracked open the bottle to take some quick sniffs. When I’m feverish, I’ll rub it on the bottom of my feet, the base of my skull/back of my neck, and all the way down my spine. Now, this is considered a “hot” oil, so I make sure it is heavily diluted before I rub it on my girls. If you’re confused about dilution and/or application, drop me a comment and I’ll explain ;).
  • Zarbee’s cough syrup is the last step to my home remedy routine for the girls before we call in the big guns (aka a visit to the doctor). I usually only use my oils on them during the day because I believe coughing and sneezing and even a small fever are good things… it’s the bodies way of fighting off the virus and expelling all the (pardon me) mucus. But at night, my girls need to sleep, because rest is the best immune booster. So, I don’t mind suppressing it some at night, to let their little bodies rest and recover. Zarbee’s line of medicines are on the natural side and the cough syrup seems to give just enough of a gentle coat to the throat for a better night’s sleep.

When cold and flu season roars its ugly head, I make sure my family is getting the best immune system support by focusing on their gut health. But let’s face it, even with the healthiest diet (not saying we have one!) and most amazing supplements, sometimes one of us still catches something and then it’s just a matter of time before it hits us all (don’t even get me started on the man cold…our best remedy is prevention). My hope with this post is that the next time you or your loved ones start that wretched sneezing, you will think back to the tips I’ve shared. And if you’re brave enough to try something new and follow one of my suggestions, I pray it offers you some relief.

Lord, bless this busyness ~ Jenn

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