When Pinching Pennies Won’t Do

Health and Wellness / Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Money. Expenses. Budget. Coupons. Deals. Discounts. Cheap. Cheaper. Cheapest.

How do you feel right now? Do you thrive on finding great deals? Is your heart racing with excitement? Or…are your palms sweaty? Do you feel a throbbing starting to build near your temples?

Personally, I’m somewhere in between. I’m easily stressed by finances, but whenever I’m actually shopping, I love bargain hunting. And those stores that have the “you saved X amount this trip” at the bottom of the receipt? Goodness…I get down right giddy seeing the hundreds of dollars I saved!

But there are three categories I will NEVER skimp out on and bargain hunt. These areas are non-negotiable in my book because they affect areas of my life that are way too important to make mistakes…Mistakes that could last a lifetime or even have dangerous, long-term affects on myself and my daughters.

  • Health and Wellness:
    1. If you’ve been reading my blogs or following me on Social Media for awhile, you know I am a HUGE advocate of health and wellness. I personally believe, after doing much research and hearing the same thing from doctors and nutritionists alike, everyone should be on a multivitamin and probiotic. Our food is lacking too much in the nutrient department and our bodies encounter too many toxins DAILY for us to rely on diet alone as the only means to keep our bodies balanced and functioning the way they should be. So let me hop off my soapbox and talk about the expense. Research QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS! Whether it’s a simple multivitamin, probiotic, or even a magnesium supplement (80% of Americans are magnesium deficient…um, hello…) you have to be 100% positive you are actually ABSORBING what you’re taking. Otherwise, you’re literally flushing your money down the toilet as your body passes those supplements from mouth to pot, with no stopping in between. Here’s something to consider: if your probiotic has to be refrigerated, what happens when it comes in contact with the heat of your stomach? Cheapest is not always best! I’d rather spend a little more on supplements that I KNOW work and I KNOW I can absorb, rather than go the cheaper route and, most likely, not even benefit my health one bit.
    2. Many of you may also know I LOVE my essential oils! I’ve been using them on my family ever since my first daughter was only a few months old. I started using them mainly for her digestive issues, but now they have been HUGE lifesavers to the health of my family. Neither of my daughters has ever NEEDED an antibiotic…and my oldest is three!! I say NEEDED, because I always use my oils first, knowing that I will get my children antibiotics if absolutely necessary. Even the ONE time my oldest had a double ear infection and was prescribed antibiotics, we did three days of oils first, and her ears cleared up. This is HUGE, because I know, whenever my girls DO need antibiotics, their bodies will respond properly because we have not overused them…that they are not yet immune to the positive affects of medications. Instead, their own immune systems are being built up because they are being helped through colds and sicknesses, instead of covering them up. Not to mention, oils are now my number one go-to for aches, pains and illnesses, as well as my emotional well-being. Now, as hop off my soapbox once again, but I must emphasize, just like supplements, all oils are not created equal. Trust me, I am an Amazon mom through and through. It’s my go-to for easy and cheap. But so many oils are really just water with a miniscule amount of the actual oil in it. That means, once again, you can be buying a watered down oil that doesn’t even work, thus, throwing your money out the window. Go with a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oil. Do the research. Find out why I personally love DoTerra here: Reflect and Recreate.
  • Food and Nutrition:
    1. While I may not believe you can get EVERYTHING your body needs from your food, I obviously still believe food has to be the number one source of that nutrition. So for me, I will not skimp or penny pinch when it comes to fruits and veggies (especially since this is what I will be feeding my daughters). To me, this means I will be buying organic as much as I can on what really matters. You may laugh, but when I first started buying organic, I bought EVERYTHING organic (and nearly gave my husband a heart attack). Until I realized there is a way to shop smart when purchasing organic. For fruits and vegetables, only buy organic on the ones you will be eating the skin. For example: Apples and pears, but not bananas and avocados.
    2. Consider your meats: if you’re buying meat that is pumped full of preservatives and hormones, what do you think is going into your body? Is there any wonder why our girls are going through puberty so much sooner than we did? Are our heads still in the sand as cancer and auto-immune disorders are running rampant in our children?
  • Skin/Body Care:
    1. I am only recently becoming more aware of how unregulated the beauty industry is (thank you for opening my eyes Beautycounter). There are so many toxic chemicals and even known carcinogens in our shampoos, conditioners, face washes and cleansers, lotions, make-up, soaps, sunscreens, deodorants…the list goes on and on! Like I’ve mentioned in the above categories: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Start by plugging your current products in EWG’s Skin Deep Database to get a better idea of how hazardous they may be. Then use that information to try and find some safer alternatives. Think about it: Your biggest organ is your skin! Thus, your body is encountering toxins not just by what you put in your mouth, but by what you are rubbing on your skin. My daughters have never used “typical” children’s washes for this very reason. I’ve recently switched my entire skin care regimen to safer alternatives. I do not believe that use of any one product short-term will do any major damage. However, my concern is that there is an ingredient in my young daughters’ current soap, that is later found in the soap or shampoo they use as teens and then adults, that will be disastrous to their health due to long-term exposure.
    2. This last subject mainly concerns those with children (or wanting to have children): Diapers and wipes. Your children will be subjected to diapers and wipes for at least the first 3-5 years of their lives. If you love wipes as much as I do, possibly even longer. Concerning your baby encountering toxins, the best option really is cloth diapering and wash cloths. While I wish I could say my husband and I chose to go this route, we did not. For our own reasoning, we researched the best disposable diapers and compared how well they worked, how well they fit, if they caused baby to get rashes, how expensive they were, and how they impacted the environment. We had about five different diapers with our first, but with our second we have settled on Seventh Generation. They are a little pricier but we love the fit, have hardly had any blow-outs, and with Amazon Subscribe and Save we’ve been able to reduce the price to make them a little more budget friendly. Again, with wipes, the rule to live by is “the simpler the better.” Try and find a wipe that really has no ingredients except the wipe and some water. We’ve settled on Amazon’s wipes and enjoy how efficiently they clean and how little there is to them. Subscribe and Save is once again our best friend for saving a few bucks. Lastly, with diapers and wipes there’s always diaper cream. I actually used to make my own diaper cream for my first with essential oils and coconut oil. Feel free to ask me for the recipe. However, we live in Florida. Anyone know what happens to coconut oil when it gets hot? Turns to liquid. Anyone know how difficult it is to rub a liquid on a wiggly baby’s tush? Very difficult. So we switched to Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm and absolutely love it.  We put it on after every poopy diaper as a preventative measure, and if anything does show up, it’s usually gone by the next diaper change. Is it cheap? No. But it is so worth it.

Ok, so where did I lose you? At supplements? Or did you hang in there until poopy diapers? The point I’m trying to make here is, yes, everyone loves a good deal. Everyone is concerned about expense. But I’m begging you, do not cut corners on the items that greatly impact the health of you and your family. By all means, wait until those jeans are 50% off. Go ahead and take a picture of that toy to compare at Target, Walmart, and online. But supplements, oils, foods, and skincare need to be in a different grouping all their own. The “spend the extra dollars” group. You’ll thank me later when you see your future medical bills (or lack thereof).

Lord, bless this mess ~ Jenn

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