To My Firstborn


Dear “First,” You are my pride and joy, the one who made me “Mom.” You constantly keep me on my toes and teach me right from wrong. I’m sorry I seem so lost at times; you’re a puzzle I thought I knew. But instead, you’ve been an experiment. And mistakes? I’ve made quite a few. One book tells […]

January 9, 2018



Happy New Year!! However, the title of this blog is not referring to the New Year’s countdown… It’s referring to a new way of thinking. But I’ll get to that juicy tidbit in a minute. We just survived another year and are looking forward to another fresh beginning…If you’re anything like me, you are being […]

January 2, 2018

Dealing With The Big “D”


DISAPPOINTMENT I’m becoming more aware of how influential disappointment can be in my day to day life. It started with the birth of my second baby. No, I was not disappointed in the girls…I felt like they were disappointed in me, or that I was disappointed in myself. No matter how hard I tried, I […]

December 14, 2017

Decisions, Decisions


“Aw, your girls are so beautiful!” “Thank you.” *Genuine smile as I remember just how blessed I am by my two girls.* “Gotta try for a boy, right?” *Smile fades as I mumble something and make a hasty exit.* Isn’t it a bit archaic to think that families of all girls are not complete unless […]

December 7, 2017



It happened again this morning. That moment when you are trying to get everyone out the door on time, but you feel like you are stuck in quick sand. It requires everything in you just to take a few breaths and calm down before you snap. Once everyone is loaded in the car, you know […]

November 17, 2017